Welcome to shop-winchap.com and a great Business Proposal

The Project will started it's only a matter of time and how many persons that are intrested to
follow into the business. Half a millon (500.000Skr) are a great sum to put everthing in place.

  The Project
"SHOP-WINCHAP.COM" with Business Proposal
are only for invited.

Looking after (4) four people how will join with me in a Internet jewellery business. Each person shall invest 100.000Skr in the business and have a specialization knowledge in a building up area as.......1-2 person.....
1-2 Database building, 1-2 International business with buying and selling, 1-2 Deep knowledge of the jewellery business.

The business will start with "Sterling Silver, 925" jewellery.
Sweden is a member in EU. It's international business are therefore easy to handle on one (dot).COM and one .SE internet address. Or build some underbulid folders structure as Pixmania has done. These addresses will be the startup business and if throw of the dices move in our direction the business will in a high-speed cover entire Europe......de, dk, it, fi, and so on ........... by the way I have a lot of import connection in Hong Kong. Design of jewellery in Sweden and manufacturing will be done in India. I have a brand new domain-name for the coming up business. It's start with "Pexa...."

The main bone structure for the coming up Web-Pages could be as earlier mention www.pixmania.com. Other way to see the light are to build the webpages as http://www.netonnet.se. They have at the moment one .SE and one .DE address.
It's very importent that there are some kind of structure because the site will have a "
The Middle Ages" (Celtic, Vikings) jewellery and a "The Mediterranean" (countries round the Mediterranean Sea). "Maya, Inca" jewellery are other folder at the site. More follow when bulding the site started.

At the moment we start with one .COM and one .SE addresses. I prefer pixmanias structure with an Europe map as starting domain page.

You maybe should take a closer look at these elegant English and US jewellery internet site. They are in my point of view very professional build.... We shall go for same level...
http://www.aon-celtic.com/...http://www.ortak.co.uk/... http://www.kcjewellery.co.uk/... http://www.scotch-corner.co.uk/ .... http://www.celtic-jewellery-shop.com/ ...................
So my friend, no fear that we don't get any competition in ower business. At the moment I haven't find any Swedish professional build site over the Internet.

The starting up business also take consideration if you don't have the have initial capital to go into this project. You then can not get any ownership in the business. You then only will be empolyed if this business work out fine. You will yearly get an bonus from the employment pool outside your monthly salary when break even has passed.

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Kindly take a deeper look at http://www.pixmania.com/ .... we copy theirs business concept and move further with our own concept. I'm not invent the wheel again... www.winchap.com.... I have done it once. Never again.

If still intrested after this small presentation kindly give your information to you supervisor on you employment office and come back to me.

If you think that my business proposal are very intrested and you got a lot of capital but you haven't got any time for any Internet business. Let me handle everyting and you are only a "sleeping" partner that pay my salery and I then can work harder with starting up the business. GO FOR IT?

............ Mail to Mr. Anders (Andrew) Arlborg

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